Airbus Patents Mach 4+ Aircraft With Turbojets, Rockets AND Ramjets

Ever since Concorde retired in 2003, commercial flight hasn’t been as insanely fast as it used to be. That doesn’t mean aerospace engineers have given up on getting you from New York to London any faster, though. Airbus recently filed patent documents for a new hypersonic aircraft with no less than three engine types… » 8/04/15 8:00pm 8/04/15 8:00pm

This Ninja Star-Shaped Jet Flies Sideways At Supersonic Speeds

Forget everything you know about flying wing aircraft like the B-2 bomber and the F-117 stealth fighter. Researchers at the University of Miami are working on a star-shaped jet that can fly in two different directions. And by that I don't mean forward and backward, but forward and another forward. » 9/06/12 10:30am 9/06/12 10:30am