I'm Going To Spend All Fall Trying To Get You To Love Supercross

Ah, fall. The sun is setting early, the rest of the county is cooling while southern California is the hottest it will get all year, and both my fantasy football team and the Niners are sucking. Only one thing could redeem all of this nonsense: Supercross. Consider this your Supercross starter kit. »10/14/15 12:04pm10/14/15 12:04pm


Monster Trucks and Motorcycles Stage Hard Rock Aerial Ballet

Okay, enough pussy-footing around with these bastardized Corvettes. Let's slide some proper monster trucks into the day. Nitro Circus provides what may be the most well- choreographed extreme stunts and general displays of insanity. To make things even better, they set their work to excellent soundtracks. This is a … »1/28/08 4:15pm1/28/08 4:15pm