PCH, Cheap Superchargers Edition: Blown Beretta or Miller Cycle Millenia?

Welcome to Project Car Hell »10/27/08 5:20pm10/27/08 5:20pm, where you by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Last time, the in the Choose Your Eternity poll, in a case of Audi drivetrain complexity triumphing over BMW engine-control complexity. German-on-German Hell Challenges are always fun, but those cars were…

Austin-Healey 100 With Blown Jaguar V12 Has Almost Enough Engine Now

The Austin-Healey 100 is a true British sports car, all right, but there's something missing. What could it be? Yes, of course- a Vortec-supercharged 5.3 liter Jaguar V12, which is what Canadian lunatic Martin Jansen has installed in this '54. We don't get any horsepower figures for the engine (which seems odd,… »6/13/08 3:00pm6/13/08 3:00pm

PCH, Power-To-Weight Edition: V8 Peugeot 403 or Blown Beetle?

The Dirtbag XJ-S pounded the Sepia 1940 Mopars like a Canadian carny pounding a case of Moosehead in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, which was about what we expected. After all, a V12 Jaguar can beat most any PCH contender, up to (and perhaps including) a Citröen. We'll test that hypothesis later, but today… »6/04/08 5:20pm6/04/08 5:20pm

PCH, Personal Dilemma Edition: Love (And Fear) The One You're With

This series got its start- and continues to be so much fun for me- as a result of my own search for just the right personal Project Car Hell; I came close to buying the 20R-powered Austin Healey Sprite in the very first PCH, and I've been searching ever since. I considered and rejected the '65 Falcon wagon, and now… »12/25/07 3:00pm12/25/07 3:00pm

Huffed at Two Speeds! New Supercharger Features Transmission

This is truly a cool piece of hi-po tech geekery, and it's so simple, we don't know why anyone hasn't tried it before (or at least why we've never heard of it). The pocket-protector advocates over at Atonov have come up with a centrifugal blower (which operates like a crank-driven turbocharger) that uses a… »5/05/06 11:30pm5/05/06 11:30pm