No, You Can't Be Done Watching Racing - Super GT Is On

If you thought you could go to bed after the 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas wrapped up, HA! Ha HA! No. There’s always something to watch, and if the last thirty minutes of that World Endurance Championship race made you all hopped up on coffee and “what the crap was that?” — why not watch more racing?
»9/20/15 1:00am9/20/15 1:00am

Rennsport Weekend Review: Duels in the Desert

You may be asking yourself, "where is Porsche9146?" Well, Fred has been kidnapped by all the drivers who have name searched him on Twitter; they are currently interrogating him to find answers on how they can dance while the Earth is turning, and how they can sleep while their beds are burning. Until they figure that… »4/07/14 8:32pm4/07/14 8:32pm