PCH, Double The Hell Edition: Pair-O-Willys or Benz-Pontiac Combo Platter?

With the '69 Citröen ID19 carrying the French to victory over their British rivals in the PCH Superpower Rematch, I can see we'll need to have some more elimination rounds to see whether France or Britain shall be crushed beneath the weight of proudly display the oil-spraying, parts-shedding PCH Superpower Trophy.… »4/11/08 5:15pm4/11/08 5:15pm


Detroit Auto Show: Ford Goes Butch; The Interceptor Sedan Concept!!

Just look at that handsome lump of bulging, muscular Americana (on the right). You know the story by now. The Interceptor is a four-door Mustang (no matter what Ford says and then denies). Which means it's a rear wheel drive sedan powered by a torquey V8. We like this fact so much that us bothering to explain why is… »1/08/07 11:24am1/08/07 11:24am

Well, We Can't Take it This Week: Ford's Personality Crisis

We're up too early, and somehow David Johansen's transition from NY Doll to Buster Poindexter and back again, as well as his role in Mr. Nanny (the actor who played the protagonist in that film, by the way, owns a vintage Charger), makes us think of Ford's end-swap in design directions. As our pal Ray pointed out to… »1/17/06 6:53am1/17/06 6:53am