Iron Man Super Bowl Commercial No Longer Just A Tease

Here's the full Iron Man Super Bowl commercial we showed the teaser shot from on Friday in all of it's auto-loving glory. See the Audi R8...just sitting there. See the Saleen S7...just sitting there. See the Cobra...just sitting there. See...umm...the Tesla Roadster...yeah, you get the picture. Well, whatever works… »2/03/08 8:57pm2/03/08 8:57pm

F-150 Spun Like A Record In A Centrifuge For Ford Pre-Super Bowl Commercial

Here's the Ford F-150 pre-Super Bowl commercial featuring everyone's favorite dirty job do-er, Mike Rowe overlooking a centrifuge spinning the big Ford pickup around by the tow hooks. And yes, it appears they really did do it — no special effects here boys. While not a "real" Super Bowl commercial as it aired a mere… »2/03/08 7:40pm2/03/08 7:40pm

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Commercials Online; Halftime Show Still Live

If you're not a football fan, you may have just lost one reason for watching the big game this Sunday night (unless you're going to be watching in anticipation of a Tom Petty wardrobe malfunction). That's right, we've got the highly anticipated Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Ads right here, right now. »2/01/08 8:30am2/01/08 8:30am