QUIZ: What Super Bowl Time Are You?

Around this time of year one question always seems to be on everyone's lips: What time is the Super Bowl, when does the Superbowl start, what is the Superbowl kick-off time? Maybe you're also wondering: What Super Bowl time are you? Are you Super Bowl 2015 between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks at… »1/23/15 1:33pm1/23/15 1:33pm

Nissan Gives Us A Reason To Watch The Super Bowl Besides Nachos

If you don't care about the commercials, are meh about the idea of professional football and think the halftime show has jumped the shark, the Super Bowl is really just an excuse to eat nachos. But wait! You have a reason to pay attention to the TV this year: Nissan may debut its Le Mans entry during the big game. »12/03/14 9:20pm12/03/14 9:20pm

Pictures From the Great Super Bowl Transport Nightmare

The Super Bowl was a disaster. The game was shitty, the ads sucked, and the halftime show was a let down compared to last year's. All of that was to be expected, though; more surprising (or maybe not, considering the New Jersey governor's recent history) was the awful transportation to and from the "'Mass-Transit… »2/03/14 8:59am2/03/14 8:59am

Super Bowl MVP Malcom Smith Will Be Driving Away In A New Silverado

When a team wins the Super Bowl, the whole team walks away with the Vince Lombardi trophy. But only one person can be the Super Bowl MVP, and that title goes to Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Malcolm Smith. And, as part of his winnings, he'll be driving away in a blaze of glory with a Chevy Silverado High Country. »2/02/14 10:28pm2/02/14 10:28pm