Takuma Sato's Super Aguri F1 Car Sells For $150,000

An SA06 model F1 car from the failed Super Aguri » 9/04/08 3:15pm 9/04/08 3:15pm F1 team’s 2006 season has sold at auction for $150,000. The vehicle, which was driven by Takuma Sato, is one of the final assets of the team to be sold by its liquidator. We reckon the buyer, a Japan-based fan of the team, got himself quite a deal. Why? First, he’s…

Formula One: The Multi-Billion Dollar Machine

With the recent departure of the Super Aguri Honda team, some are stopping to take a look at what the the Formula One circus has become. After all, many of the rule changes in the past few seasons were made with the justification of lowering operating costs and allowing smaller teams to be more competitive. So what… » 5/12/08 4:40pm 5/12/08 4:40pm

Constructorial Angst: Spyker Weighs in on Independently-Sourced F1 Cars

The men in orange have joined the chorus against Super Aguri and Toro Rosso scoring constructors' points for using chassis sourced from Honda and Red Bull. In some ways, from a small team like Spyker, the point of view is understandable. Why should other teams be able to buy derivative chassis when they've committed… » 2/05/07 6:45pm 2/05/07 6:45pm

All Once Again Super at Aguri: FIA Gives Okay to New F1 Team

Once Aguri Suzuki came up with his $48,000,000 bond and got the other teams to sign off, most pundits expected that the Super Aguri F1 team would be allowed to race this season. And indeed they shall be. With their '02 Arrows cars powered by Honda's new V-8s, Suzuki's team will fill the grid to a full 22 cars for the… » 1/26/06 10:07pm 1/26/06 10:07pm

Things Super for Aguri Again? Team Will Likely Race in '06

"Hey, Bernie! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" is what aspiring F1 boss Aguri Suzuki seems to be saying right now. He's successfully petitioned the ten active teams in the sport for space on the grid, and the only thing needed now is final approval of the FIA. Having missed the deadline for posting a $48… » 12/23/05 3:59pm 12/23/05 3:59pm

Things Far From Super Over at Aguri: F1 Says 'No' to Japanese F1 Team

Aguri Suzuki's new F1 team was handed a whopping bitch-slap by the FIA the team's application to run the 2006 series has been denied. While no reason was given, it's rumored that the Super Aguri team has failed to come up with the $48 million bond required to compete. The team, which was in talks to buy four-year old… » 12/01/05 12:38pm 12/01/05 12:38pm

Arrowed! Super Aguri F1 Team to Buy Aged Cars From Minardi?

The new Japanese Formula One crew on the Block, Aguri Suzuki's modestly-billed Super Aguri F1 team, are in negotiations with former Minardi honcho Paul Stoddart to purchase five Arrows cars that Stoddart picked up when Arrows took that final bite outta the big one in 2003. Minardi experimented with the cars, having… » 11/23/05 1:24pm 11/23/05 1:24pm