Four Super Cheap Alternatives To The Crazy Expensive MKIV Toyota Supra

The internet sure can suck sometimes. First, it turns every moderately clickbaity video into an opportunity for a goatse or rickroll, and now it has raised prices on the MKIV Toyota Supra to such a degree that it’s completely unattainable for people that work for a living. Bravo. Thankfully, here are four cars that…

The Fast & Furious Supra Will Sell For More Than You Can Afford, Pal

Now that the Fast and Furious film franchise has gone from that movie that made you do burnouts in the parking lot with your ‘97 Civic EX, to a full-fledged international juggernaut, car collectors will be looking to get a piece of the action. Now is your chance to own the “10 second” Supra that started it all.

This 400-hp Toyota wagon is the scariest thing I've ever driven

This is Kevin Harris' '79 Toyota Corona wagon, packing a full JZA70 swap out of a MKII Mark III Supra. The engine's cranking out around 400 horsepower, and it's wedged down into a car that weighs about as much as an ND Miata. It's fast. It wants to be sideways all the time, in every gear. It also has nothing but the…