Why were mommy bloggers paid for positive stories on Toyota?

A network of blogging mothers offered each of its members $10 to write a positive story about Toyota's recent exoneration by the U.S. government over sudden acceleration and promote similar pieces. After complaints, Toyota says it had nothing to do with the plan. UPDATED » 2/16/11 7:00pm 2/16/11 7:00pm

Feds find no sign of electronic flaws in runaway Toyotas

U.S. auto safety regulators say after several months studying 280,000 lines of code, they found no electronic cause for unintended acceleration in Toyotas — only mechanical issues like sticking pedals and crappy floormats. What about sheepish drivers? » 2/08/11 1:45pm 2/08/11 1:45pm

Deadly Post-Recall Toyota Crash Blamed On Gas Pedal

A Utah man and his son's fiancee died earlier this month after his recalled Toyota Camry sped through an intersection into a rock wall. Police say the Camry's gas pedal stuck and, unlike other crashes, there's supporting evidence. » 11/16/10 9:30am 11/16/10 9:30am

Toyota Warns Dealers To Fix Recalled Used Cars Before Selling Them

Toyota is concerned dealers are selling used cars without conducting recall-related repairs, according to an internal email leaked to Jalopnik. The same email also warns of Inside Edition conducting "ambush interviews." Why is Toyota worried? » 8/17/10 5:15pm 8/17/10 5:15pm

Investigators Find No New Defects, Enlist NASA Help In Toyota Probe

Data from black boxes in 58 Toyotas involved in sudden acceleration cases shows no evidence of any other defects beyond sticky pedals and chunky floormats, according to a report U.S. regulators gave Congress today. But you already knew that. » 8/10/10 3:45pm 8/10/10 3:45pm