No, Russia's Largest Ballistic Missile Submarine Isn't Prowling Off Syria's Coast

There have been rumors floating around that Russia’s only operational Typhoon Class ballistic missile carrying nuclear submarine, the largest submarine in the world, Dmitri Donskoy, was deployed to the Mediterranean, or more specifically, to sit off the coast of Syria. Here’s why that’s highly unlikely. »9/16/15 1:24pm9/16/15 1:24pm


North Korea's Ongoing Massive Submarine Deployment Is Worrisome 

After what was seemingly a three week march toward war between North and South Korea, which ended in an agreement followed by handshakes, smiles and supposedly a draw-down in both sides war-time footing, one question still remains — where is the majority of North Korea’s submarine fleet? »8/26/15 8:59pm8/26/15 8:59pm

What Is This Mysterious Underwater "Robot" That A Chinese Fisherman Caught?

A few years ago a Chinese fisherman from Hainan Province caught something totally unique: a torpedo-like device that was about three feet long and metallic. He took pictures of the contraption and called the authorities, who swiftly came and took it away for examination. Now, the Chinese Government has confirmed it is… »8/22/15 2:30pm8/22/15 2:30pm

Watch The Coast Guard Make The Biggest Narco Submarine Coke Bust Ever

On July 18th, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stratton intercepted a narco sub about 200 miles south of Mexico. On board the homemade semi-submersible were 16,000 pounds of cocaine worth almost a quarter of a billion dollars. Yes, billion, with a B. The Coast Guard pulled 12,000 pounds out of the turquoise-colored sub… »8/09/15 3:30pm8/09/15 3:30pm

USS John Warner Shows Off Jumbo Missile Tube During Comissioning

The Virginia Class fast attack submarine, the USS John Warner, was just commissioned into service. She is the second Block III Virginia Class boat to be produced, and has a pair of new huge Virginia Payload Tubes on her bow. These replace twelve individual vertical launch tubes used to fire Tomahawk missiles in… »8/04/15 10:00pm8/04/15 10:00pm

Is This Semi-Autonomous Mini Submarine The SEALs' Next Super Weapon?

U.S. Navy SEALs have to infiltrate and exfiltrate from some of the most hostile areas on earth, and often times they travel underwater to do so. The Mark 8 SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) has been used in various configurations for decades for this mission, and after previous tries to replace it, a group with an… »7/29/15 5:43pm7/29/15 5:43pm

Confessions Of A U.S. Navy Submarine Officer

We have all seen Hunt For The Red October, Crimson Tide and other submarine films, but what is life really like aboard the world’s most advanced and silent submarines? One of our go-to submariners, who told us the story of an epic maritime beer run, takes us into this shadowy world, one with a language all its own,… »7/02/15 10:03am7/02/15 10:03am

The Ohio-Class Guided Missile Nuclear Submarine Is One Dangerous Beast

Four of the U.S. Navy’s gargantuan Ohio-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines, otherwise known as ‘Boomers,’ were converted into multi-role platforms capable of deploying throngs of special forces, spying, sinking ships and other subs and and putting any enemy within 1,000 miles of coast at risk of their arsenal… »6/24/15 3:25pm6/24/15 3:25pm

Even More Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

Recently, Navy Chief Marty Noe took us on a dive into the ‘colorful’ world of submariner terminology, and as a result we were flooded with emails and comments with readers wanting more or wanting to contribute. So let’s take an even deeper dive into the world of submariner lingo, with more wacky submarine terms from … »6/19/15 12:29pm6/19/15 12:29pm

This Dolphin Is The Perfect Chaperone For The Navy's Newest Submarine

America’s newest nuclear submarine, the USS John Warner (SSN-785), has successfully completed its initial sea trials, and it brought along a friend to celebrate. The Dolphin is the proud symbol of U.S. Navy’s submarine force, and having one escort the new sub during a surface transit on its first voyage may be a good… »6/05/15 6:05pm6/05/15 6:05pm

All The Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

They don’t call it the ‘Silent Service’ for nothing. The world of U.S. Navy submarine operations may be shadowy, but it’s full of rich culture, honed over years of stuffing bus loads of sailors into a steel tubes for months on end. Out of this unique environment, some colorful terminology has sprung. »6/02/15 3:14pm6/02/15 3:14pm

Finnish Navy Drops Depth Charges Near Foreign Submarine Off Helsinki

In an incident that is highly reminiscent of Sweden’s phantom sub hunt last fall, the Finnish Navy has detected a foreign sub in its littoral waters near Helsinki, and it is not playing nice trying to get rid of it. Depth charges have been dropped to let the sub’s crew know that the people on the surface are on to… »4/28/15 3:55pm4/28/15 3:55pm

The Navy's Most Shadowy Spy Is 450 Feet Long & Named After Jimmy Carter

Submarines are a lot like Batman, they are covered in rubber and are great fighters, but they are gadget toting stealth detectives at their core. Of the Navy’s sub force, there is no boat more capable at sleuthing under the high seas than the heavily modified Seawolf Class submarine, the USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23. »4/23/15 11:57am4/23/15 11:57am

This Time Lapse Of A Nuclear Fast Attack Sub Entering Dry Dock Is Sweet

This time lapse, shot at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego, of the Los Angeles class nuclear fast attack sub USS San Francisco entering drydock is pretty awesome. Not only do you get to see how they bring in one these amazing machines for repairs, but you also see some pretty cool ship traffic in the background. »4/12/15 4:19pm4/12/15 4:19pm

DARPA's Unmanned Submarine Stalker Could Change Naval Warfare Forever

In 2010, DARPA announced that it wanted to create a surface dwelling unmanned sub hunter stalker, otherwise known as the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, or ACTUV for short. Fast forward five years and the prototype is about to set sail. What comes next could be a revolution in naval warfare. »4/04/15 2:20pm4/04/15 2:20pm

Russia Just Fired Yet Another Ballistic Missile From The Barents Sea

Just a week ago, we reported that Russia had fired a submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) from the Barents Sea, while also flying 19 separate aircraft at NATO forces. Today, just a week later, Russia has fired off yet another SLBM from the same location, which borders on the increasingly strategic Arctic zone. »11/05/14 7:38pm11/05/14 7:38pm

Sweden Has A Sub That's So Deadly The US Navy Hired It To Play Bad Guy

We have been glued all week to the sub saga off the coast of Sweden, where six days in Swedish forces have only now called off their search for an elusive sub hiding in the waters off Stockholm. Yet what nobody has mentioned is just how deadly and capable Sweden's own sub fleet is, and there are few better weapons for… »10/24/14 2:58pm10/24/14 2:58pm