The Honda GEAR Is The Subcompact Honda Has To Build

This year's Detroit Auto Show was all about Acuras instead of the core brand, but the Japanese clearly didn't want to leave North America without giving us a new Honda. They choose the Montreal International Auto Show for their premier, so go ahead and blame Canada for getting the first peek at a future we hope Honda… » 1/18/13 9:00am 1/18/13 9:00am

2011 Chevy Beat Exposes Its Interior, Still Concealing US Plans

The fate of the Chevy Beat » 8/20/08 12:40pm 8/20/08 12:40pm is still , but as we see here, that isn't stopping the ongoing development of the latest GM minicar. The Beat gets a buddy for some hot weather testing and we get a look at the interior for the first time. For a subcompact, it's hard to be surprised by the spartan accommodations and the…

Over the Back Fence: US-Bound Fiesta to Be a Sedan?

Carmakers are still apparently convinced US buyers would rather be poked in the eye with a stick than drive a hatchback. BMW's opted for a coupe for its US-bound 1-Series, not a snogback like the Euro model. Now, according to Edmunds Inside Line, Ford's planning to bring its Ford Fiesta model to the states as a… » 6/11/07 9:24am 6/11/07 9:24am

Report: Nissan to Launch Cube, Two More Subcompacts in the US

The Cube is coming to the US. We've been hearing that (and its inverse) for nigh on two years. But if Japan's financial newspaper Nikkei is to be believed, a restyled Cube, along with two additional subcompacts, could hit these shores (and Europe's) as early as 2008. Long the favored hookup spot for Japanese youths,… » 5/24/07 8:01am 5/24/07 8:01am

Fiat Boss Says New 500 Could Maybe, Sort of Reach the US

The new Fiat 500 is a four-wheeled hype machine for the boys at Fiat. The car's launch has already been pulled forward from September to July of this year. Now, Fiat CEO Sergio "The Count" Marchionne has devilishly implied that the 500 could hit US shores by 2010. "Sooner or later it is a possibility," he says.… » 4/24/07 7:00pm 4/24/07 7:00pm