How The Hell Did This Wreck Happen, Exactly?

First, let me say that, according to witnesses, everyone is okay. That should give me the leeway to comfortably say, damn, that is one impressive wreck. What, exactly, do you have to be doing in a Camaro to perch it so delightfully precariously on top of a Subaru? I mean, just look at that. Was the guy who runs… » 7/22/15 11:07pm 7/22/15 11:07pm

Subaru Is Crushing It Thanks To Making Everyone Fall In Love With Subaru

One of the big mysteries of the auto industry, to a casual observer at least, would be how Subaru keeps growing by huge leaps and bounds. Its cars aren’t very fast (WRX and STI excepted), aren’t very good looking, and they don’t have the most frugal fuel economy. But Subaru apparently doesn’t need to appeal to those… » 6/09/15 1:25pm 6/09/15 1:25pm

Cheap Leases Won't Save Volkswagen, But A Wagon Might

Why drive a Corolla when you can have a German sedan for less than $100 per month? Bloomberg reports that Volkswagen Jetta leases are $89/mo in some areas of the country, but is it really a deal if it’s a car no one wants? Perhaps VW should shred the cheap car image and look to a longroof to regain some sales.
» 6/01/15 8:40pm 6/01/15 8:40pm

Watch This Team Swap A Subaru Engine In Less Than Three Hours

The Subaru Rally Team USA crew may have just a bit more experience with this than your usual NASIOC bros, but when one of their cars experienced engine woes at the Oregon Trail Rally, they got to work. Old engine out, new engine in. Here’s a time-lapse of a sub-three-hour engine swap for one of their Imprezas. » 4/28/15 9:45am 4/28/15 9:45am