Subaru Throws It Back To The Days Of McRae At Wales Rally GB

This weekend at the World Rally Championship’s Wales Rally GB, there’s a bit of magic in the air. It’s the 20 year anniversary of Colin McRae’s first WRC drivers title win that he earned with Subaru. A win that, by and large, set off this motorsport icon’s career and put him on the global track to success. »11/14/15 3:01pm11/14/15 3:01pm

These Are The Patent Drawings For A Super-Hot Subaru BRZ

Or is it a super-hot Scion FR-S? It’s a little unclear, as the sleuths at Autoguide (who originally uncovered the drawings) note that Toyota (or as the youths call it, “Scion”) filed the Japanese patent, but the application listed Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, as the creator. All we know is, it’s… »11/11/15 10:10am11/11/15 10:10am

A Tractor Company Made The Subaru Wagon Of The Future In 1965

Some general technical descriptions of cars are so associated with a particular company, it’s hard to imagine them existing in any other context. A four-wheel drive wagon with a flat-four front-mounted engine is hard to picture with any badge other than Subaru, right? That’s why it’s so weird this car was essentially… »10/15/15 5:25pm10/15/15 5:25pm