Russian Attack Jets Aggressively Fly Over U.S. Destroyer In The Baltic Sea

American sailors aboard the USS Donald Cook got one intimidating air show over the Baltic Sea yesterday. Russian swing-wing Su-24 Fencers made multiple simulated attack runs on their ship. The maneuvers were said to have been “extremely aggressive” and so low that wakes were kicked up in the water below the jets, Navy…


One Of The Downed Su-24 Pilots Is Alive And Talking As Russia Beefs Up Defenses In Syria

It has been more than 24 hours since Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 Fencer that briefly passed into its territory. Now we are seeing the clear steps Russia is taking in response to this event, and we’ve learned that one of the jet’s pilots has survived the attack, contrary to earlier reports.

Intense Night Shots Show Russian Jets Blasting Out Of Syrian Base

The Russian Ministry of Defense just released these photographs of night air operations at their outpost airfield in Syria. Just a small portion of the flights, so far, base have been night sorties. But it all may now be changing as Russian aviators become more accustomed to their environment, and Assad’s army and its…