Here's Why Flight Attendants Don't Like Being Called 'Stewardess'

Flight attendants have a job that holds a lot of prestige in the eyes of most travelers, and they get called a lot of different things while doing their jobs — waitress, m'am, hey you, miss, air hostess, and trolley dolly. But one moniker that has pretty much gone out the emergency exit door is "stewardess," and… » 1/07/15 12:21pm 1/07/15 12:21pm

From Plaid to Plush: Automotive Interiors Since the 1970s

In these, the most leather-heavy days of automotive interior design history, it's hard to remember a time when tartan plaid bench seating would have been a seriously considered option. We've been browsing this site (originating in the Czech Republic) for an hour and still haven't come to the end of its virtual museum… » 7/21/05 10:38am 7/21/05 10:38am