What Hollywood Stuntmen Can Teach You About Surviving The Apocalypse

Surviving the apocalypse could come down to a single car chase, or a long war with mutant bikers. Sam Sheridan spent three years training for armageddon for his book Disaster Diaries: How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Apocalypse and explains how he learned to prepare with help from Hollywood's stunt drivers. » 5/08/13 1:30pm 5/08/13 1:30pm

Why is Spiderman jumping between these speeding BMWs?

This bizarre photo's been floating around for a while, but was recently reposted on Facebook by Arab Motors TV. What's its deal? Obviously it's not the real Spiderman, because he's in New York City. So it's just a stunt double. Makes sense. It's for a stunt show. » 12/01/11 1:30pm 12/01/11 1:30pm

How to change a tire on a moving car

It's probably the coolest stunt-driving you've ever seen in your life. After watching this video, you'll now want to take two wheels off your SUV and replace them while driving on the two remaining wheels. BUT YOU WILL DIE. » 2/25/11 10:30am 2/25/11 10:30am

Avoid Death By Driving Out Of The Kill Zone

Tactical driver training focuses on one thing and one thing only: staying alive. This video gives an inside look at how armed forces and security companies save lives behind the wheel. » 4/08/10 4:30pm 4/08/10 4:30pm

The Chitwoods: Father, Sons and a Jet-Powered Pickup

Our buddy Matt offers some updates and corrections on a post we did a week or so ago on legendary automotive daredevil, Joie Chitwood, who died in 1988. It seems we credited Joie senior with some deeds of his equally talented (and adrenalin-mastering) brood. For one, the record for driving on two wheels (5.6 miles in… » 8/08/05 6:13pm 8/08/05 6:13pm

Joie Freakin' Chitwood!

When learning to drive, our dad often referred to us as either "Mario Andretti" or "Joie Chit." We once mentioned this to Mario and he smiled and laughed politely. We then realized that Mario has probably heard this literally thousands of times. You whippersnappers of course know Mario, but do you remember Joie? Dirt… » 8/03/05 12:15pm 8/03/05 12:15pm

Make Good Money and Destroy Vehicles: Six-Figure Stunt Drivers

What young boy doesn't want to be a stunt driver at some point? Having grown up in an era of flying second-and- third generation Trans Ams and orange Chargers, we dreamed of the day we'd fly through the air in a 1980 Corvette with the Unocal 76 logo painted on the hood, maybe even leaping through a hoop of fire like… » 7/26/05 9:29am 7/26/05 9:29am