Texting While Driving Can Get You Seriously Hurt (In Mario Kart)

By now we should all be on board with the idea that texting while driving is a particularly dangerous and irresponsible thing. But how does it affect one's driving within Mario Kart? A physician and some elementary schoolers found it significantly increases the risk of driving backwards, among other hazards. »2/03/14 11:09am2/03/14 11:09am

Electric Vehicles Can Be Twice As Bad For Global Warming So Stop Being So Smug, You

At a glance, the environmental benefits to electric vehicles seem obvious. No exhaust pipe means no harmful pollutants, right? Well, wrong, of course. It's well known that where the electricity comes from to power the car is a huge factor, and the manufacturing of electric cars is more environmentally taxing than… »10/05/12 2:30pm10/05/12 2:30pm

Ladies Have Road Rage Because Ladies Have Messy Little Lady Brains

You silly women. Once — just once — would I like to receive a story about you jokers doing something right, but it seems like you're determined to play the wacky haphazard-prone neighbor in this crazy little sitcom called life. "What am I doing wrong now," you ask, in your dumb girl voice with your dumb girl mouth.… »8/24/12 2:30pm8/24/12 2:30pm

Study Shows Women More Likely To Stomp The Wrong Pedal Than Men

Score one for the fellas in the age old male-female debate over who's a better/safer driver. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report released last month shows that although men tend to drive faster and more recklessly, women are far more likely to cause an accident by stomping on the wrong pedal. »4/13/12 1:30pm4/13/12 1:30pm

Captain Obvious Of The Day: Teens Think They're Good Drivers, Like Loud Music

A recent study by Erie Insurance points out a lot of factors that anyone under the age of 60 probably already knows. The insurance company conducted a study surveying 2,127 licensed teenage drivers and came to the shocking conclusion that teens like to talk on the phone, text message and listen to loud music while… »5/01/08 4:40pm5/01/08 4:40pm

Crash Avoidance Technology Only "Kind of" Works, Says IIHS

The Institute for Highway Safety has concluded a study that shows the crash avoidance technology like blind-spot sensors, forward collision automatic braking, lane-departure warnings, emergency brake assistance and adaptive headlights won't significantly help prevent fatal car crashes and it is mostly due to the… »4/17/08 3:40pm4/17/08 3:40pm

Tastes Like Chicken? Or Tastes Like Sleepy Drivers?

Tastes like chicken. You know the hidebound old adage well, and maybe even have humorously offered it in response to sampling extremely vile or creepy food. Now check this out. The brainiacs at Stanford University have used that saying to essentially describe the effects of sleepy driving. Confused yet? Well, you know… »3/07/08 1:45pm3/07/08 1:45pm

Study Kicks Men in the Groin: Women Are Better Drivers

Turns out the soccer mom in the 6,000 lbs SUV cutting you off on the way to work is actually the safest driver on the road. Especially on Wednesdays. In February. In Boston. Before you scream, we know the press still thinks "skill" and "safe" are synonyms. But here's the big news; men are 77% more likely to die in an… »1/22/07 11:49am1/22/07 11:49am