Toyota Dealership Helps Special Needs Students With Job Training

When we were in school we learned a lot of things, but for most of us the most important lessons were outside of the classroom in the real world. For the past twelve years, a Utah Toyota dealership has partnered with a local school to give special needs students an opportunity to work, and learn valuable job skills. »3/07/15 2:35pm3/07/15 2:35pm


Stick Your Fossil Fuel, Eh? Canadian Students Build 3,145-mpg Car

Students at the University of British Columbia handily trounced competitors in this year's SAE Supermileage Competition, using their superior engineering kung-fu to achieve over 3,000 mpg in a car they designed and built. The competition pits smartypants against propellerhead to see who can best expand the efficiency… »6/23/06 10:36am6/23/06 10:36am

One Word, Kid, Plastics: Royal College Designers Create Concepts

Anyone wondering where the plastics economy is headed (c'mon, we know you're out there) need only check out what students from London's Royal College of Art's Vehicle Design program have been up to. The smarties across the pond recently completed a GE-sponsored project, PLASTicon, in which they created prototypes… »5/23/06 8:20am5/23/06 8:20am

Turin Design Students Show Alfa Prototype in Bologna

Students of the Institute of Applied Design in Turin showed off their scale-model prototype for a new Alfa Romeo B-segment car at the Bologna show earlier this month. The conceptualists-in-training drew inspiration from Alfa's 8C concept and late-sixties GT Junior for the project, which was contracted by Alfa Romeo… »12/13/05 12:08pm12/13/05 12:08pm