Mysterious Roadster Identified, Vabilo Student Roadster

Thanks to the sleuthing of nicjasno last week after we tossed out pics of a mysterious roadster snapped in Slovenia, we now know it's called the Vabilo. What we don't understand is practically everything else. Is the group called "Student roadster" a company or a student group? Why is their website headlined in… » 5/13/08 3:40pm 5/13/08 3:40pm

Ploof: A Yamaha Scooter Prototype

Transportation design student Axel Dichamp dubbed this dadaesque scooter prototype "Ploof," which could be an onomatopoeic approximation of the sound made when its image smacks against the optic nerve. Dichamp's idea was to create a Yamaha two-wheeler for adult consumers concerned with comfort. The result is a… » 11/16/06 1:26pm 11/16/06 1:26pm