This Concept Art From The Shuttle Program's Early Days Is Gorgeous, Deliciously Retro

The arrival of Endeavour in Los Angeles last week has been described by many as the final note in the coda to NASA's shuttle program. To commemorate its end, we turned to the program's beginnings, where we discovered a stunning assortment of high resolution concept art. (If you've been hunting for a new background… »9/25/12 11:40am9/25/12 11:40am


LA Auto Show Preview: Cadillac Drops A Limited-Edition Trio Of Platinum-Covered Poop

Right before the LA Auto Show begins, Cadillac's gone and released the embargoed doors on pictures and a press release for three of their show vehicles — and guess, what — although the press release claims Caddy's "extending its luxury tradition with limited-edition versions of XLR Roadster, and STS, DTS Sedans" — in… »11/28/06 12:37pm11/28/06 12:37pm

Breaking Through The Great Wall! Cadillac Debuts New SLS For China

We're now assuming the spy photos of what we initially thought was a new STS — were actually the new straight-to-the-Chinese-market Cadillac Seville Luxury Sedan, also known as the SLS, unveiled today at the Auto Show in Shanghai. The new luxe-illac has a price point anywhere from 500,000 yuan and 750,000 yuan. That… »11/10/06 4:35pm11/10/06 4:35pm

It's Good To Be The Mayor! Automotive Rhythms Pimps DC Mayor William Anthony's 2006 Cadillac STS

Yeah, we know this happened at the beginning of this year, but we're only now hearing about dis here tightness. Apparently, just in time for the 2006 DC Auto Show back in January, the DC-area customizers at Automotive Rhythms "flipped" D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams' new whip, an '06 Caddy STS. Now, while most mayors… »10/10/06 10:32am10/10/06 10:32am