BMW proves ugly people like ugly custom stripes

Apparently, BMW thinks black tape stripes will make the X1 soft-roader look better. It doesn't, thought it seems to be almost universally appreciated by people who look like living examples of Bangle designs, but without the big bottoms. (Hat tip to Fistulator!) » 2/02/11 2:30pm 2/02/11 2:30pm

Chevy Cruze, Already Down One "S," Won't Get Two

The Chevy Cruze that will finally wash onto U.S. shores soon will not get an SS badge version despite previous rumors and some overseas sticker packages. This is progress. » 8/06/10 12:00pm 8/06/10 12:00pm

Chevrolet Cruze SS: It's The Shitbox Sport!

Chevrolet Singapore is offering a stripe-and-dam body kit for the Chevrolet Cruze. The package, dubbed Cruze SS, includes illuminated sill plates and costs the equivalent of $3500. So, wait — now people are paying for corporal punishment? » 2/03/10 1:30pm 2/03/10 1:30pm