Bad Weather And Food Vendor Strike Make Perfect Shitstorm At SFO

It's one thing to have your flight delayed for a long time. At least you can grab some food or drinks and hang out. But if there's nobody working at those restaurants and bars, you're in for a miserable day — and that's what's currently happening at San Francisco International Airport this morning. » 12/11/14 1:44pm 12/11/14 1:44pm

Canadian Auto Workers Claim Tentative Deal Reached With GM After…

A spokesperson for the Canadian Auto Workers is claiming the union and General Motors have reached a tentative agreement on terms for a new contract after pulling a bargaining all-nighter. We totally remember those nights from our time in school. We're just wondering whether they used Red Bull or those… » 5/15/08 9:40am 5/15/08 9:40am

Truckers Stage April Fools' Day Slowdowns, Strikes

A wide swath of small trucking companies and independent truckers everywhere will be staging a protest of sorts today. Truckers will be slowing their rigs down and parking them as a protest against both fuel prices and perceived industry unfairness. They're mad as hell about the meteoric rise in the price of diesel… » 4/01/08 12:00pm 4/01/08 12:00pm

GM To Idle Hamtramck Assembly Due To American Axle Strike

Reuters is reporting General Motors will be idling its Hamtramck Assembly plant on Monday as a result of the ongoing strike at American Axle. The Detroit area plant currently builds the Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne and joins 30 other plants affected by the parts shortages. Though shuttering plants is never good… » 3/28/08 11:30am 3/28/08 11:30am

Commenter Of The Day: UAW Strike Edition

Well, well, well. Looks like I managed to get myself nominated for Commenter of the Day. But, well, we can't have that. There were also a bevy of you who nearly pinned it down with your awesome dragon imagery vis-a-vis the 300 SL's "Speed Holes." Still though, no dice, as it is Commenter of the Day (singular) and we… » 10/10/07 7:30pm 10/10/07 7:30pm

UAW Ratifies GM Contract, Chrysler Strike Over...Probably

According to the General, the UAW's just ratified the contract penned with GM just a couple of weeks back. That's good news for GM. So, what else? Well, you remember that Chrysler strike? Well, yeah, it looks like Reuters and Dow Jones are now in agreement with Forbes — the strike's over. So basically it looks like… » 10/10/07 5:44pm 10/10/07 5:44pm

Once Again, With Feeling: UAW Sets Wednesday Strike Deadline For…

Just two weeks after the UAW organized a national strike on GM, the union has turned its collective-bargaining nuke on Chrysler's manufacturing operations. The UAW's set a deadline, giving Chrysler until 11 am Wednesday to finalize contract negotiations. But the deadline doesn't really mean a strike is inevitable.… » 10/09/07 9:30am 10/09/07 9:30am

How Long Will The UAW Strike Last?

It's Strike Week! Kinda like Shark Week only with fewer commercials. And sharks. According to the pointy heads, GM is poised to survive a short strike. If Big Ron Gettelfinger and his 73,000 friends are just putting on a show and flexing their collective muscles to let the General know they can, the lights should stay… » 9/25/07 11:45am 9/25/07 11:45am

UAW Chairman Ron Gettelfinger Makes It Clear: "The UAW Is On Strike"

We've been talking to a few PR folks from the General today — trying to make heads or tails of the impact of the UAW's decision to hit the picket lines against GM. And each one of them told me they didn't believe the UAW had actually gone on strike and that it was some kind of a mistake or something. The cacophony of… » 9/24/07 12:58pm 9/24/07 12:58pm

How Do You Feel About The UAW/GM Strike?

For the first time since 1998, UAW workers are striking against General Motors. After 20 days of yakking, the 11:00 am (EST) strike deadline passed.and the workers have walked out. Why? GM (and Ford and ChryslerCerebus) are desperate to unload their massive (some might argue crippling) health care costs. The UAW… » 9/24/07 12:45pm 9/24/07 12:45pm