​2015 Honda RC213V-S: It Really Is A MotoGP Bike With A License Plate

Honda calls this a "prototype," but it really is their RC213V MotoGP racer with a license plate and a headlight. That's insane, and it's ready for production.
» 11/04/14 12:09pm 11/04/14 12:09pm

​Honda's MotoGP Replica Really Will Be A MotoGP Bike For The Street

Want to be World Champ Marc Marquez? Good news: next year Honda will release a replica of his RC213V race bike that will be as close as possible to the real thing. We've got exclusive details. » 5/30/14 3:54pm 5/30/14 3:54pm

Help! I'm Being Followed By A Google Street View Car!

"Hello, 911? This weird-ass Chevy Cobalt is following me. I don't know who it is, but the dude keeps pulling alongside and asking if he can 'view' my 'street.' Is that slang for something dirty? Am I being assaulted?" » 3/16/10 4:30pm 3/16/10 4:30pm

How Did This Snowboarder's Bird End Up On Google Street View?

Google Street View usually provides us with ground-level shots of the world's road network. What was Street View doing on a ski hill, and for that matter, how did it get there? » 2/09/10 2:00pm 2/09/10 2:00pm

Ten More Unfortunate Street Names

Those disappointed in the name change vote of Butt Hole Road'll be happy hearing it's not the only hilariously unfortunate street name. Here's ten more to add to the list of world's street signs making your internal ten-year-old laugh below. » 6/03/09 10:30am 6/03/09 10:30am

Google Street View Laps Laguna Seca With ALMS Race Cars!

Google Street View has recently taken us to some pretty cool locales, but none gets our motors running quite like the little camera car running the Laguna Seca circuit with some ALMS cars. » 3/26/09 2:00pm 3/26/09 2:00pm

UK Google Street View Car Busted By Cops

Google may be the big boss hog around these internets, but not so much in the UK. A Neatorama reader captured the Street View camera car getting the royal treatment from some of England's finest. » 3/19/09 12:30pm 3/19/09 12:30pm

Google Street View Catches Mad Max V8 Interceptor

Google Street View traveled into the future to a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Australia to catch Mad Max and his Pursuit Special V8 Interceptor at the Silverton Hotel in New South Wales, Australia. » 3/13/09 4:00pm 3/13/09 4:00pm

Google Deletes Photos Of Google Maps Car Hitting Non-Google Deer

Bambi was seemingly minding his own business when Google's Street View camera car attacked him. Google's blacking-out the pictures from their servers, but not before we snagged the not-so-unexpected result of their not-so-epic battle below. » 1/29/09 4:00pm 1/29/09 4:00pm

Deer Detecting Road Technology Being Tested In Colorado

An electromagnetic sensor system capable of automatically detecting the presence of large animals on or near roadways and alerting drivers to their presence is being tested in Colorado. So far, the system appears to be working; the only problem might be the drivers themselves. Colorado is trialing the system on a road… » 10/15/08 3:30pm 10/15/08 3:30pm

Motorsports Race Tracks Make Out Big In $700 Billion Bailout

One of the so-called "sweeteners" added to the financial markets bailout bill that passed the Senate Tuesday night was an obscure provision allowing motorsports race track owners to write off the cost of their facilities over seven years. Apparently the IRS has been trying to extend the track write-off period to 15… » 10/03/08 9:40am 10/03/08 9:40am

Alfetta Lives On In Brooklyn Despite Dead Owner

As big fans of the Alfa Romeo Alfetta » 8/29/08 4:30pm 8/29/08 4:30pm, this profile of one abandoned Alfa in Brooklyn has touched us. Owned by a Romanian immigrant who passed away, the worn 1975 Alfetta should have been towed away after a few parking tickets because alternate side of the street parking in NYC is strictly enforced. Miraculously, an…

Matte Black Ferrari F430 Down On The Geneva Street

Now, we understand there's still an ongoing debate on the coolness of flat black paint jobs, but let's raise the question again. This time, we've got a certain Ferrari F430 Scuderia weighing in on the matter. We thought the Scuderia was a vast improvement over the styling of the standard F430, but this non-glossy… » 5/02/08 2:40pm 5/02/08 2:40pm

Google Street View Banned from Military Bases

The US military has banned Google Street View from its bases after photography and video was posted of Fort Sam in Texas that potentially threatened security. According to the Inquirer, the Pentagon got "its knickers in a twist" after a vehicle carrying Street View equipment was allowed access to the base, capturing… » 3/07/08 1:30pm 3/07/08 1:30pm

Stop Getting Caught In Google Street View Accidents

That's right, a fourth Google Street View accident. After Minneapolis and Phoenix - twice, we're now joining some firefighters on cleanup duty in lovely Oceanside, California on the very Jalop appropriate El Camino Real. The two car accident looks like it may have been a three car incident due to the sandwich effect… » 1/24/08 5:15pm 1/24/08 5:15pm

Google Street View Makes Phoenix Look Dangerous

We're beginning to wonder if Google Street View is somehow causing these accidents. We saw the awesome Audi Q7 versus Range Rover upside-down cake near the Phoenix Country Club a couple of weeks ago. Now we're seeing another one a mere 2.7 miles away. "That's crazy talk!" you say. Nope, there's definitely a case to be… » 1/21/08 10:30am 1/21/08 10:30am

Another Google Street View Crash

It's darn near an epidemic. As unlikely as it may seem, we have captured pictures of another Google Street View accident. Not only is this one more dramatic, it features a much healthier dollop of schadenfreude. Where before we had a random car crash, here we have a double luxo-SUV smash-up featuring the fancy pants… » 1/08/08 2:00pm 1/08/08 2:00pm