Storm Chasers On What It's Like To Take A Pickup Truck To A Tornado

Ford Canada's latest commercial series profiles Ford owners who do cool jobs with their trucks, and the Tornado Hunter F-150 is easily the most badass so far. Their bright-orange SuperCrew called "flash" looks straight out of Jurassic Park. » 8/25/14 10:27am 8/25/14 10:27am

Iowa Weather Team Builds Tornado-Chasing Tank Out Of A Ford Van

The Iowa Storm Chasing Network has just unveiled "Dorothy—" a five-ton behemoth of an armored van that looks like a giant mouse droid from Star Wars. The tornado-chasers reckon it will get them closer to the action than ever before. » 3/20/14 5:40pm 3/20/14 5:40pm

Oh My God, Jersey Girl Records Annoying Video Driving Through Tornado

Oh my God. Oh my god oh my god. Oh, my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my god oh my god. Oh, my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my god oh my god. Oh, my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my god oh my god. Oh, my God. Oh my God. » 7/03/13 5:13pm 7/03/13 5:13pm

Watch A Massive Super Cell Form Over Texas

We cover a lot of storm chasing here on Jalopnik, mainly because of the insane super-vehicles the scientists use. That's not to say that the video they sometimes shoot becomes awe-inspiring in its own right, like the view from inside a tornado or this super cell over Texas. » 6/15/13 3:05pm 6/15/13 3:05pm

Watch Storm Chasers Flee From The Deadly El Reno Tornado

See the little blue arrows in that video? Those are storm chasers in their vehicles. Now see that big white blob that moves across the screen? That's the tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma that is considered the widest one in U.S. history and killed four storm chasers on Friday. » 6/05/13 3:42pm 6/05/13 3:42pm

This Is How It Feels To Take A Direct Hit From A Tornado

Storm chasers use heavily modified trucks called tornado intercept vehicles, or TIV-2 for short, that are designed to withstand whatever the weather throws at it. This is what it's like to be inside one during a seriously scary tornado. » 5/28/13 9:48am 5/28/13 9:48am

Storm Chasers' Matt Hughes Committed Suicide

Although Matt Hughes, a spotter on the Discovery series Storm Chasers, died on May 26th, many fans only found out this week when told he suffered "a fatal injury at home." Today, we've learned it was from a suicide attempt. » 11/06/10 5:15pm 11/06/10 5:15pm

Storm Chasers Drive Into Tornado, Film From Inside

Ever wanted to see a storm chaser driving straight into the path of a tornado to film what's inside? You're in luck — because we've got it right here. » 6/11/09 6:00pm 6/11/09 6:00pm

TIV-2: An Exclusive Look Inside The Techie Tank-Like Tornado-Chaser

We first saw Sean Casey's latest and greatest in mobile tornado chasing insanity, the TIV-2, in a spy photo back in May » 11/05/08 3:35pm 11/05/08 3:35pm, but now Sean's given us this exclusive first-hand look at the truck-based tech-filled tank here at SEMA and the scoop on what to expect from the TIV-3 for next season's show, "Storm Chasers."…

What's It Like When Lightning Strikes Your Toyota 4Runner?

Storm chasers know what they're getting into when they go put themselves in the middle of nature's fury, but when that fury helps itself to a piece of this Toyota 4Runner, the results are pretty shocking. This fellow was out hunting weather and his 4Runner got nailed at the ham radio antenna mounted on the roof. The… » 9/04/08 1:40pm 9/04/08 1:40pm

Storm Chaser Takes Lead In Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

We're not sure where this best fits into our many post-apocalyptic nightmare scenarios, but it's practically begging for Mad Max to drive it through a field of vampire zombies. Captured in Kansas, this bulldog-in-black is a purpose-built storm chaser with some seriously thick steel plate armor, bullet proof glass and… » 5/02/08 10:40am 5/02/08 10:40am