Volvo To Supplant V8s With Diesel Electric Hybrids By 2012

We've seen bits of evidence that Volvo's future powertrain »10/07/08 10:20am10/07/08 10:20am strategy will incorporate both , but now provides more detail on Volvo's evolving propulsion plans. Larger sedans and s will be targeted first, with their V8 engines replaced by a diesel five-cylinder engine powering the front wheels and an electric motor…


You Want a Piece of My Heart?: BMW To Launch Stop-Start System in '07

According to the UK's Autocar, BMW will introduce a stop-start engine management system to help put it in line with new, voluntary C02 emissions standards (an agreement brokered by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association) coming on line in 2008. The system is, in essence, an efficient kill switch / ignition… »5/24/06 10:59am5/24/06 10:59am