FOUND: Electric Isle Of Man TT Race Bike Stolen In Oregon

An electric Isle of Man TT racer ridden by Lee Johnston was stolen from Brammo’s headquarters in Talent, Ore., sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning of last week. Like stealing rare cars, taking a rare $250,000 motorcycle doesn’t sound like a good idea. Isn’t it a little...obvious? [Update: it has been… »7/20/15 1:22pm7/20/15 1:22pm

Help a young gearhead get his car back.

This is AJ's Toyota Celica. I met him in a Sears parking lot, where I pulled up to complement him on how clean his car looked, and we ended up talking cars for a while. He's a cool guy, and I'm just trying to help him get back his ride. He's just a college gearhead who loves his car, which was stolen last night. »5/26/14 11:29am5/26/14 11:29am

My Beetle's Still Missing, But All Of You Are Amazing

My Beetle is still missing. I've called every impound lot, entered the license plate into databases, combed adjoining and sketchier neighborhoods, made and distributed flyers, Facebooked, Tweeted, placed Craigslist ads, and anything else I could think to try. I've tried to focus on other things, but I find myself… »4/05/13 2:40pm4/05/13 2:40pm

Stolen Condom-Mobile Recovered...Without The Condoms

A condom-mobile recently stolen in Mexico City was recovered yesterday, much to the relief of Mexico's federal Health Department. But that relief didn't last long: Once the condom-mobile was ripped open, officials discovered the payload of 5,000 prophylactics had been pulled out. Also missing were 800 HIV tests, some… »10/02/08 1:20pm10/02/08 1:20pm