Texas Dealers: Buy A GM Vehicle, Get 50 Shares Of GM Stock!

Two Texas dealers are trying to flip General Motors' low stock price »10/17/08 5:30pm10/17/08 5:30pm into profits by offering customers 50 shares of GM common stock to buy a new GM vehicle by the end of the month. Will and Corrie Churchill, owners of in Fort Worth, Texas, began their promotion this week and will offer it to the first 100 customers…

Platinum Tops $1900 Per Ounce, Catalytic Converter Suppliers in For World of Hurt

Problems with the South African power grid and the ever dwindling value of the dollar are conspiring to make those troublesome catalytic converters very expensive. If you had the foresight to purchase an ounce of platinum four weeks ago, you'd be standing on the opportunity to make about a thirty percent return on… »2/13/08 10:30am2/13/08 10:30am