The problem with stock car racing

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, (NASCAR) is one of the best known stock car racing franchises in the world, but is it really "stock" car racing? Not a single Sprint Cup race car (with the exception of the pace car) is an actual production vehicle. Sure, Toyota might say their current stock car is a… »1/11/15 12:01pm1/11/15 12:01pm


Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Hoonage Now Available in RC Form

If you love Rock'em Sock'em Robots and R/C cars, we've got the product for you: Stock Cars. It may be a boring and non-descriptive name, but these awesome little remote-controlled cars come complete with four passengers connected to ejection buttons within the doors. The first person to eject all of their opponents… »11/12/07 2:30pm11/12/07 2:30pm