What car is the hardest to find in unmolested stock form?

It's a general rule as desirable cars get older it becomes harder and harder to find an original car that has remained in factory form. With many cars it's difficult, but with some it's basically impossible. This weekend we want to know what vehicle you think is the most difficult to locate in as it left the factory… »10/15/11 4:00pm10/15/11 4:00pm


Black Friday Comes Early For Kerkorian: Corporate Raider Cuts GM Holdings

First he tried to align the General with Renault-Nissan, next he said he wasn't going to be buying any more stock — worrying the General's brass that a proxy fight was in the works — and now he's decided the thought of a proxy battle's just not going to solve anything. The man with the big wad of cash just announced… »11/22/06 6:34pm11/22/06 6:34pm