Over The Back Fence: Which Automaker PR Chief Is Out The Door

Well, yesterday we gave you the poll, and today we'll give you the rumor. Turns out the winner and the rumor are one and the same. So if you're interested in seeing who we've heard is leaving the automotive universe and where it's rumored they're going — go ahead and feel free to hit the jump. Come on, you know you… » 3/14/07 5:42pm 3/14/07 5:42pm

Jalopnik Poll: Which Automaker PR Chief Is Out The Door?

It's been a rocky thirteen months for the talking heads manning the turrets of the automotive towers of power in Detroit. There's been precious little good news to go around, and when it has come it's always been just before, just after or just during a fiery hailstorm of fecal matter flung from both outside the… » 3/13/07 12:37pm 3/13/07 12:37pm