Steve Wozniak Busted For Driving His Prius 104 MPH

Who knew the little hybrid could even go that fast? Oh wait, Al Gore III knows it does. Now you can add "The Woz" to the list of folks who've taken the Prius to the limit and beyond. Steve Wozniak, the man known as the "Father of the Apple II" was caught taking his Prius on the PCH a wee bit beyond the speed limit.… » 8/22/07 2:30pm 8/22/07 2:30pm

Classic Ad Watch: Apple's Woz Thinks The Datsun 280-ZX Is Awesome!

Apple's "Other Steve" is a guy more well known for his elegance in programming than skill as a marketing man — I mean, for chrissake, the guy supposedly created the game "Breakout" in four days. Little did we know all he needed to give his former boss n' bud Steve Jobs a run for the title of Apple main marketing man,… » 12/06/06 3:05pm 12/06/06 3:05pm