Alan Mulally Don't Need No Museum Directors: Steve Hamp Out As Ford Chief Of Staff

No, we didn't think for even a microsecond Steve Hamp was qualified to be the Chief of Staff for a Fortune 500 company. Yes, the man did a great job with a world-renowned institution, The Henry Ford Museum. But The Henry Ford's just that — a museum...a place that's got more to do with farmer's markets than Ford cars.… »9/26/06 8:30am9/26/06 8:30am


Big Bill Ford's FoMoCo Shake-Up: Anyone Seen Mark Fields?

So Big Bill Boss is stepping aside (sorta) to let Alan Mulally take a shot at the helm of FoMoCo, but what's going to happen to Bill's hand-picked management team? He's elevated folks like Mark Fields to run NorAm operations, Anne Stevens to COO for the Americas, and he's even brought in folks like Steve Hamp as his… »9/06/06 9:43am9/06/06 9:43am