These Commercials Probably Didn't Convince Anyone To Buy A Sterling

Our own Zac Estrada penned a great article last weekend about the Rover SD1, the final Rover-branded car to be sold in America. But while that may have been the company's last hurrah under their own name, the storied British marque had one last go of the Colonies in the late 1980s and early 90s. And it was not pretty. »1/12/13 9:00am1/12/13 9:00am


Daimler AG To Axe Sterling Trucks In North America, Cut 3,500 Jobs

Those eying the Ram-based Sterling Bullet »10/14/08 2:45pm10/14/08 2:45pm should act quickly. Sterling's parent company, Daimler AG, has decided to axe the medium-sized commercial truck brand effective March, 2009. Sterling Trucks, formerly Ford's heavy duty truck line, failed to meet the expectations of Daimler's North American truck division. The…

PCH, Island Nation Edition: Honda Rover or Lotus Isuzu?

So yesterday we pitted a couple of classic Motown wagons against each other in the Choose Your Eternity poll, and the result was so close to a tie as to make no difference (with the Dodge photo-finishing past the Ford). Today we're going to look at a couple of cooperative efforts between the island of the Rising Sun… »9/25/07 5:30pm9/25/07 5:30pm