Stephen Colbert Will Host Elon Musk and Uber's CEO His First Week

When Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show launches on September 8 there will be a few surprising guests on his couch: Both Elon Musk and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick are booked for a very tech-focused first week. But that’s not the only hint that Colbert’s show might promise to be the most nerd-friendly late night show ever. »8/24/15 4:08pm8/24/15 4:08pm

Should Stephen Colbert Get A Ticket For Taking Video Of A Guy Popping A Wheelie In The Lincoln Tunnel?

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert told a personal story that elucidated everything that is right with America: on his way into work this morning, he captured a dude popping wheelies on his motor bike while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel. It's an amazing personal testament to all that is right with our… »4/06/12 8:45am4/06/12 8:45am

How Many Drinks Was That? Colbert Gives Jalopnik A Hummer Edition

I feel this morning, after my few fleeting moments on The Colbert Report last night »10/24/08 11:30am10/24/08 11:30am in a segment called "The Difference Makers" on the National Hummer Club, giddy as a little schoolboy. Despite my obvious concern that I'd be the butt of the joke, I was relieved to find I escaped unscathed — certainly doing better than

The Post Where We Casually Mention Our Appearance Tonight On The Colbert Report

OMG! So, if you happen to have your TV on tonight at 11:30 EST, you may want to flip over to Comedy Central's Colbert Report as we've buried our hatchet »10/23/08 5:01pm10/23/08 5:01pm with Stephen (we know he's apologized in his heart). I'll be appearing on tonight's show (depending on whether they run the piece tonight — I've been told these…

"Maximum" Bob Lutz Speaks Out On Colbert Report Interview

After GM product czar and vice-chairman, Bob Lutz, appeared on the Colbert Report the other night »9/19/08 8:40am9/19/08 8:40am, he's decided to give his own take on his "non-outrageous" responses to Stephen Colbert's "outrageous" questions on topics like... (or global toasting). He believes he and Colbert "connected." We don't know if that's the…

Bob Lutz On Colbert Report, Claims Chevy Volt Will Get You Laid

GM product czar and vice-chairman "Maximum" Bob Lutz took his battle for the General to The Colbert Report »9/18/08 2:58am9/18/08 2:58am this evening, and he took some serious hits from the man all about the truthiness. Despite the knocking, he managed to give a couple right back. But of all the instant classic moments of this interview, it's the…

Jon Stewart Shows Us His Kind Of Hybrid, We Ask Which Comedian Is More Jalopnik

Remember that whole Stewart-Colbert-O'Brien thing during the writer strike a month ago? Well, it looks like Jon Stewart's still trying to best the competition for most Jalopnik late night host last night on The Daily Show. Apparently, he eschews those fancy-pants hybrids desired by every other Manhattanite in favor of… »5/01/08 10:40am5/01/08 10:40am