Mo' Money, Mo' Power: Steeda Boosts The Ford Mustang GT500 To 600 Hp!

Why is it that Mustang-lovers keep looking at dropping even more horses underneath the hood of the Shelby GT500? What, is 500 hp just not enough for you? We guess not — which is why the Mustang-tuners at Steeda are letting you drop off your GT500 and in return you'll get a brand new 'stang ready to play in the… » 5/10/07 9:36am 5/10/07 9:36am

Inside Line on the Steeda Q Mustang

The '06 Mustang's been on the streets for a year now, and given what we saw at the SEMA show, the tuners are now in full swing when it comes to heating up the first all-new 'Stang since '79. Edmunds' Inside Line hopped down to Florida to check out the latest breathed-on pony from Steeda, the Q. Their verdict? "It's an… » 11/07/05 5:44pm 11/07/05 5:44pm