That Victorian-Living Couple Is Just Playing Dress-Up Until They Get A Real Victorian Car

It seems like everyone’s talking about that woman who fired up her Difference Engine and keyed in a long, self-satisfied story about how she and her husband live like it’s 1880. That’s fine by me. But, while reading more about them, I found references to a “truck.” That just won’t do. But I’m not here to judge — I’m… »9/11/15 10:00pm9/11/15 10:00pm


This Photo From 1878 Is Likely The First Picture Of A Racecar

See that big, ungainly mass of wheels and boiler and smokestack there? That beast is the direct ancestor to every hyper-advanced F1 car, every NASCAR brute, every rallycross hot hatch, every racecar that exists today or ever has existed. Because that beast is very likely the first purpose-built racecar ever, and it’s… »7/20/15 10:30pm7/20/15 10:30pm

You Have To Listen To This Incredible 1906 White Steamer

It's always incredible to see truly vintage cars in person, to feel how different the scale of everything is, the different sorts of materials used, the unusual smells, everything. It's visceral. That's why when you actually get to see something truly archaic running, it's a very special treat. Like this 1906 White… »8/20/13 3:13pm8/20/13 3:13pm

This 1833 Letter Is The Very First Instance Of Calling Bullshit On An Automaker

It's almost reassuring to know that since the absolute earliest days of human motorized travel, there have been people writing about cars, and people calling bullshit on what's written about cars. These exchanges should seem incredibly familiar to most of our readers even if they happened nearly 200 years ago. The… »3/20/13 2:00pm3/20/13 2:00pm