A Founder Of The Industrial Revolution Was A Very Early Patent Troll

James Watt has been called one of the most influential people in history, and his role in improving the steam engine to make it the primary force behind the industrial revolution is beyond dispute. He was also a bit of a sourpuss who took out a patent to prevent the building of steam motor cars. » 7/18/13 1:15pm 7/18/13 1:15pm

Jay Leno's Steam Car Goes Up In Smoke

The problem with driving a 1907 White Steam Car on a smoldering day, Jay Leno learns, is steam-powered cars burn extra hot. Thankfully, an entire Chili's came to his rescue with pitchers and buckets of water. [More photos at RadarOnline] » 9/09/10 11:05am 9/09/10 11:05am

Steam-Powered Car Land Speed Record Test Successful

It seems like the team of British speed freaks aiming at one of the oldest land speed records on the books is one step closer after successfully testing their steam-powered speedster. » 12/11/08 8:00am 12/11/08 8:00am

One-Off Steam-Powered VW Kit Car

When we hear "steam car" we imagine a car with wooden wagon wheels that spends it's time in Jay Leno's garage. What we don't think of is a fiberglass-bodied VW kit car from the '80s. This is apparently a one-of-a-kind creation of a former Steam Automobile Club of America member. We're thinking of it as a kind of grown… » 3/25/08 1:30pm 3/25/08 1:30pm