A Brief History of Asian Stealth So Far: Part 1 - Japan

Asia is an arms race hotbed right now. China isn't exactly keen to play along with its neighbors, especially in regards to a bunch of small islands dotting the Asian continental shelf (particularly the island of Formosa, which in America we call "Taiwan"). Even that aside, they share an extensive border with another… » 12/21/13 11:30am 12/21/13 11:30am

How Lockheed's Skunk Works Got Into The Stealth Fighter Business

How do you hide an airplane behind a bird? Very skillfully. Lt. Col. William B. O'Connor (ret.) flew the F-117 Nighthawk during the Bosnia Conflict, and in Stealth Fighter, he explains the history, operation, and soul America's most advanced stealth jet. » 4/18/12 7:30am 4/18/12 7:30am

Grounded! Stealth Fighter Fleet KO’d by Oxygen Woes

The U.S. Air Force's fleet of radar-evading F-22 Raptor fighters has been grounded until "further notice." It's the latest blow to the reputation of the world's most expensive, and allegedly most fearsome, dogfighter. » 5/06/11 9:20am 5/06/11 9:20am

1989 BMW 325i Takes Vitamin E36, Costs $16,995!

Like the precedent 2002, the E30 BMW is well loved for its simple shape and honest performance. However, about today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 325i it can simply be said that its E36 transplant makes it honestly better. » 4/16/10 8:00am 4/16/10 8:00am

F-35B Lightning II Plans To Take Stealth Vertical

The first Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) stealth fighter arrived Sunday at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., where it will conduct its first hovers and vertical landings. » 11/18/09 9:30am 11/18/09 9:30am