The Less You Trust Your Government The More Likely You Are To Die In A Car Wreck

If you live in a country with a despotic dictator you don’t really trust, and you’re afraid your life is just too safe and easy, good news: you’re also probably more likely to die in a car wreck. At least, that’s the conclusion James O’Malley came to when he correlated data about road deaths and people’s trust in…


Jalopnik Late-Night: Racist, Sexist Jesus-Freak Douchebag Has World's Funniest Pro Honky Drunk Driving Site

As a man once known as Samuel Clemens said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." Still, we love the paranoid delusional ramblings of a crazy man sitting in his mother's attic registering his hate throughout the world via the power and glory of teh internets. I mean, how funny is;