Frankfurt Auto Show: Startech Starster

From the Questions Nobody Asks Department comes the Startech Starster. First of all, we simply love the name. And the interior. And we really like how they straight pilfered the fender bulges from the RS4. We're even big fans of what they've done to the engine: slapping a gutsy turbo to the regularly anemic 2.4-liter… » 9/12/07 5:00pm 9/12/07 5:00pm

Startech Tunes Dodge Caliber, Still Not A Pig And Bear Edition

The German tuners of all things from the 'merican side of DaimlerDouche market have taken it upon themselves to tune the killer of Pig and Bear for the Euro market. Specifically, they've made the Caliber CRD a bit more precise with an "aerodynamic-enhancement program" and some engine tunage. The aero-precision starts… » 4/12/07 8:30am 4/12/07 8:30am

Startech to Bring Chrysler 300 CRD Tuner to Essen

If you've never seen the European Chrysler 300C Touring, you may be shocked to see the leonine nose cone of the 300C sedan attached to the business end of a Dodge Magnum. It's a distinctly European model, one we'll never see on these shores. Still, it's a Chrysler, meaning it's fair game for German tuning house,… » 11/08/05 3:01pm 11/08/05 3:01pm