Transformers Movie Update: A TV Trailer Treat Before The Big-Screen Trailer This Afternoon!

We're told the final big-screen trailer for the new live-action Transformers movie is coming early this afternoon. We don't have that for you yet, but we're assuming it'll get leaked out early. For the time being, here's the 30-second clip that aired last night on American Idol. Other than a couple of seconds of new… »5/17/07 11:08am5/17/07 11:08am


Transformers Live Action Movie Exclusive! Optimus Prime And Starscream Are So Cybertron, They Don't Even Know It

Before landing on Earth to delight us with their lovely auto- and machina-riffic disguises, and while still on the planet of Cybertron, the Transformers have some other type of alternate form. That's because, you know, Cybertron may have a lot of things, but we're guessing they probably don't have any Steve Saleen… »10/24/06 6:15pm10/24/06 6:15pm

Exclusive Transformers Movie Update: Optimus Prime And Starscream Robot Modes Are Teh Suck — And The Pictures Prove It!

Our Transformers main man, Hue Hughes, gave us the lowdown on some pictures found over on one of the biggest Transformers fan-sites, The pictures are none other than robot-modes of Autobot main man himself and sporting the long-nosed semi look, Optimus Prime. And if that isn't enough to get your fan-boy… »8/20/06 3:39pm8/20/06 3:39pm