523 Horsepower Starion Bar-B-Que

The coolest thing about owning any automobile is almost instant membership in the club of the car. The less ubiquitous the machine, the more esoteric the club. In the case of the Mitsubishi Starion, aka Chrysler Conquest, a membership of peers is required just to keep the twentysomething year old StarQuests rolling.… » 6/16/07 3:00pm 6/16/07 3:00pm

Unfortunate Metal Potential! Starquest Madness!

Okay, here's another rad vid with an unfortunate soundtrack. There are no good engine sounds, so unless you're a fan of generic nü-metal, pick a rollicking tune of your choice that clocks in around four minutes, cue it up and mash play on this vid and the genuine rock article at the same time. You may just achieve… » 5/29/07 11:15pm 5/29/07 11:15pm

Jalopnik Preview: Awesome is Coming

Why did Bumbeck cross the road? I was lucky enough to participate in what will no doubt prove to be a most awesome J-Lop feature. We're keeping it secret for now, but trust me, awesome. Think you know what we're up to? You can win my standard prize - a fresh lock of my chest hair. Aw shucks, we'll even throw in the… » 4/19/07 6:15pm 4/19/07 6:15pm

Half-Price Day Junkyard Day

Uttering the phrase half price anywhere near the word junkyard sends a couple of the Jalops driving with toolbox toward the self-service junkyard like so many moths to a streetlight on a summer night. One of the larger self-service yards in California had a statewide half price sale a while back and we were there in… » 3/29/07 2:30pm 3/29/07 2:30pm

Sierra! Astra! Starion! Rally!

Look! It's random rally footage featuring Sierra Cosworths, a Vauxhall Astra and a couple of unfortunate schmoes who manage to plow their poor, beleagured Starion through a fence. Note to Starion drivers: the Drift King says, "Do not upset the car!" » 3/02/07 7:30pm 3/02/07 7:30pm


Apparently this fine machine is used as a parts runner for a shop in the UK. While it does seem to be cheating a bit on the bed opening (simple hatch removal), it does have a functioning tailgate. Go, Starionamino, go! » 2/28/07 2:31pm 2/28/07 2:31pm

Turbo Gremlin!

Back in late 1970, Clarence Milstead purchased a 1971 AMC Gremlin. As time went on, he began tinkering with the six-cylinder Kammback hatch until the fateful day he saw an XR4Ti in a junkyard, yanked its turbocharger and plumbed it in, using a carburetor bonnet scavenged from a Mitsubishi-built Chrylser Hemi… » 2/21/07 5:00pm 2/21/07 5:00pm


We have found Bumbeck's Starion's evil twin. It lives in Nihon and wears American-market Conquest TSi badging. We tend to prefer the stock wheels on Bumbeck's car to the blingy bits on this machine, but if they canned the stickers, it would be the perfect nightime attack-mobile for an aspiring Yakuza hitman with a… » 2/13/07 5:45pm 2/13/07 5:45pm

Holy Crap! Obvious Jalopnik Brainstorm!

We're not sure why we didn't think of this as soon as we realized how heavily Changfeng relied on Mitsubishi technology and design of a certain age. If Mitsu won't give us a new Starion, why shouldn't Changfeng give us an old Starion with a leaping cheetah gracing the front end instead of a diamond star? We can… » 1/10/07 11:15pm 1/10/07 11:15pm

Dateline Dearborn, MI: Import Center

While in Detroit half-trying to locate the Ham Center we found instead the Chrysler Import Center. This well lit sign reminds us to not forget about Chrysler's long-term relationship with formerly beloved Mitsibishi. Right after this memory was served we found Miller's, and were served cheeseburgers. Another reminder… » 1/09/07 2:33pm 1/09/07 2:33pm

SUPER POTENTIAL! The Ad That Launched a Million Random References

Anything with lasers has got to be good. Space queens from galaxies of the distant future shooting blue lasers from their fingertips are that much better. The star of this commercial is of course the turbo specialty sports coupe called Starion. If Mitsubishi would just take whatever engine and turbo they're going… » 12/14/06 1:04pm 12/14/06 1:04pm

Cannonball Run II: Not Good, But, Starion Afterburner!

Not only is there an extended scene of Jackie Chan's Starion crossing from San Pedro to Long Beach, but he then uses his afterburner to elude capture. It's a tossup between this car, Clarkson's infamous pseudo-rally car and Uncle Bumbeck's Battlecar Galactica as to which is the coolest Starion of them all. » 11/28/06 12:30am 11/28/06 12:30am

SUPER POTENTIAL! Older than Starion, Younger than Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi began as a shipping firm founded by Yataro Iwasaki in 1870. The theory of superpotential was first posited by E. T. Whittaker in a series of papers dating back to 1903. The Starion was introduced in 1982. It took a war between Japan and Russia, two World Wars, a stalemate in Korea and a debacle in Vietnam… » 11/27/06 9:15pm 11/27/06 9:15pm

Why Mitsubishi Deserves a Second Chance in America

Yes, we all know that Mitsu is a somewhat beleagured brand these days. But they did give us the mighty Starion, the totally underrated Mirage Turbo hatchback, and of course, the nothing-short-of-obscenely miraculous Lancer Evo. Paukert drove the upcoming Lancer on some winding roads near Santa Barbara recently, and… » 11/17/06 8:30pm 11/17/06 8:30pm

SUPER AGING-TOYOTA POTENTIAL! Mitsu-2.6 Turbo Corolla on eBay!

Oh crap...Bumbeck just shot this one over, and might we say that it's a doozy? Somebody yanked the motor out of a Dodge Conquest and dropped it in a '74 Corolla, added hood pins and mags, and well, voila, sans culottes, this shit is simply the business. Go forth and bid. And then take us for a ride. » 11/09/06 2:30am 11/09/06 2:30am

SUPER ENGINE-EXTRACTION POTENTIAL! Bumbeck's Starion Goes Under the…

Yeah, whatever, schmoes. Bumbeck is manly enough to yank his own 2.6L Hemi — with hood-removal assistance from Coonce — and live to tell about it. Soon, the Mighty Starion shall rise, relieved of its Achilles' Jet Valves. And your boots? Well, they'll just have to get used to your quaking in them. Deal with it. » 9/23/06 2:30am 9/23/06 2:30am

Classic Top Gear: Fifteen-Hundred-Quid Coupes

While there's something to be said for the Trans-European Veyron-vs.-Cessna race, and the Merak/Urraco/308 GT4 challenge is certainly a classic, our all-time favorite Top Gear competition is the "1,500-Pound Coupe That Isn't a Porsche" bit. Hammond in a BMW 635, May in an XJS, and Clarkson, brilliant bugger that he… » 9/21/06 7:15pm 9/21/06 7:15pm

Oh, Look! Danica's Making More Money!

The domain-name registrars at Go Daddy have signed on to help fund Danica's Motorola-marqueed Andretti-Green car for next season. They find her "edgy, innovative and fun!" according to some guy named Bob who helms the company. H sker D was edgy, innovative and fun. Danica is not H sker D . Meanwhile, in more… » 9/21/06 8:30am 9/21/06 8:30am

Hoon of the Day: Look Out Honey, 'Cause He's Using (Turbo) Technology

There are few things we love more than Mitsubishi Starions and the Stooges. One comes from Japan. The others come from Michigan (except, of course, for Watt, who reps Pedro harder than anyone else). Together, we suppose, if they decided to rock it Voltron-style, with Iggy forming the head, they would become the… » 8/16/06 4:30pm 8/16/06 4:30pm