The Force Is Strong With This International Space Station Expedition

Expedition 45's crew poster is outrageous. Six of the most capable human beings on this planet dressed up like six of the most capable creatures from other planets, Jedi Knights to be exact. Lightsabers, satellites that look like X-Wings and even a straight up Death Star are present. Now if I could only get my Jedi… » 2/13/15 4:05pm 2/13/15 4:05pm

This cool flying Millennium Falcon needs a full scale version ASAP

There's no reason why a full size version of this RC quadcopter Millennium Falcon wouldn't work. We just need a good titanium frame, a carbon fiber hull, the twin turboshaft engines from four Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawks, a light cockpit from a Sikorsky Schweizer, and we are in business. Punch it! » 2/05/15 1:27pm 2/05/15 1:27pm

The One Vital Element The New Ghostbusters Will Keep From The Original

Another Avenger is confirmed to be in Captain America 3. There's a possible candidate to replace Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad. Warwick Davis shares selfies from the set of The Force Awakens, one of which could reveal a shocking character's appearance. And what's Howard Stark's deal on Agent Carter? Spoilers now! » 1/16/15 6:00am 1/16/15 6:00am

67 Science Fiction And Fantasy Movies To Watch Out For In 2015!

What's hitting the big screen this year? Basically, everything. Luke Skywalker, James Bond, the Terminator, Velociraptors, all the superheroes. But there are also some great surprises, like a movie based on a beloved Nebula-winning novel. Here are the 67 science fiction and fantasy movies you need to know this year. » 1/05/15 11:21am 1/05/15 11:21am

What Would A Ride In The Millennium Falcon Actually Do To Your Body?

The Millennium Falcon pulls some pretty crazy stunts in the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And while we recognize Star Wars takes place in a fictional universe, we couldn't help but get pedantic about the physics of the scene, and the effects it might have on the human body. » 12/27/14 10:19am 12/27/14 10:19am

Fan's Star Wars Trailer Makes The Millennium Falcon Fly Under A Bridge

Here's Star Wars 7 set in Budapest. And since I live here, I had to investigate whether that's a possible way to dodge TIE fighter attacks or not. » 12/15/14 1:25pm 12/15/14 1:25pm

Dashcam Captures Crashed TIE Fighter In Germany

Look, people. It's winter. Ion engines will ice up, and you'll lose altitude, and catch a solar panel on the road. Then this happens. Try not to be another statistic, TIE pilots. This is no different than putting chains in your car: DE-ICE YOUR ENGINES. » 12/14/14 10:30am 12/14/14 10:30am

Compared: Star Wars & Our Weapons Tech From New Hope To Force Awakens

With what has to be the most exciting teaser trailer of the decade dropping earlier this week, we all got a tiny glimpse into what has changed technologically in a galaxy far-far away since we first visited it in 1977. Seeing as the timeline for The Force Awakens generally follows our own here in this Galaxy, let's… » 11/29/14 1:02pm 11/29/14 1:02pm

Let's Take A Deep Look At The Droid In The New Star Wars Trailer

Look, there's no point in trying to act all cool: we're all pretty excited about the new Star Wars trailer. Our pals at iO9 did a great scene-by-scene breakdown of it, but I want to focus on just one bit of important hardware seen in the trailer — that fast little droid with the spherical body. » 11/28/14 9:12pm 11/28/14 9:12pm

Is This GIF The First Footage From Star Wars: Episode 7?

Major speculation ahead, but a Star Wars fansite is claiming that this GIF of the Millennium Falcon might be the first-ever bit of footage from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What do you think? » 11/22/14 2:45pm 11/22/14 2:45pm

Refueling A Beat To Shit B-1 By Day And A Gorgeous F-22 By Night

There is a very Star Wars-ish 'Rebel Alliance' vs the 'Galactic Empire' juxtaposition going on between the two types of aircraft and the environments in which they are being refueled in the video below. » 10/02/14 12:38pm 10/02/14 12:38pm

J.J. Abrams Reveals His Millennium Falcon; It's Unspeakably Beautiful

Lately, directors JJ Abrams and Zack Snyder have been competing in the world's most adorable Twitter war of DC Comics vs. Star Wars oneupmanship. And Abrams has just taken the whole thing to a new level but releasing a video of his Millennium Falcon. » 9/18/14 10:56am 9/18/14 10:56am

Aerial Photo Exposes New Star Wars Millennium Falcon And X-Wing

Greenham Common is a World War II-era airfield roughly 30 miles west of London, but on Wednesday night it was the center of the nerdiverse. A local pilot flew over the area and snapped a photo of a half-built Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing fighter for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. » 9/11/14 2:11am 9/11/14 2:11am

Jet skiing through a canyon looks a lot like podracing in Star Wars

This GoPro video shows Christian Yellott zipping through the incredible narrow canyons of Lake Powell but if I squint a little bit, I can convince myself that I'm watching kid Anakin podracing in Tatooine. Either way, it's pretty awesome. » 8/26/14 8:27pm 8/26/14 8:27pm

New-Car Smell Is Overrated

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering partners, air beds, office superpowers, poop, and more. » 8/26/14 1:36pm 8/26/14 1:36pm

R2-D2 Lives In A Honda Element In Irvine, California

In a few years, when those new Star Wars movies come out, I'm looking forward to taking my son. Because I want to hear his conversations with his friends as he tells them he's been to R2-D2s house. In Irvine. Nice place, very clean. Where he lives with another droid, and drives in a cleverly modded Honda Element. » 7/08/14 12:00pm 7/08/14 12:00pm

Holiday Travel Would Be More Bearable If Airports Looked like Star Wars

Then again, maybe it wouldn't. After all, in a world where Frankfurt, Germany is home to an Imperial Starport, All Terrain walkers, Lambda-shuttles, TIE fighters, and even the occasional Star Destroyer might amount to little more than quotidian traffic on an airport apron. » 7/06/14 12:30pm 7/06/14 12:30pm

These Rejected Star Wars Toy Car Designs Are Incredible

Jalopnik reader phenotyp and car design school graduate was digging through his portfolio recently and turned up these sketches done for Hasbro back in 2008. What are they? Star Wars toy cars. Yes, they're fantastic. » 6/05/14 4:58pm 6/05/14 4:58pm

Darth Vader is the first Star Wars Hot Wheels car

Next month at the San Diego Comic-Con, Hot Wheels will unveil its new line of Star Wars-themed vehicles, the first of which, the Darth Vader car shown here, will be available for purchase at the show. » 6/05/14 2:02pm 6/05/14 2:02pm