The People Who Pretend To Be Pixar's Cars On Facebook Want To Get Me Fired

I believe I’ve made my position regarding one of the most important philosophical issues known to mankind, where the eyes of an anthropomorphized car should be, abundantly clear: the headlights. The eyes of a car-face are the headlights. This is the right answer, the just answer, the moral answer. »11/16/15 12:07pm11/16/15 12:07pm

Amazing Fake National Lampoon Van Tested Against A Honda Odyssey

I’ll admit, I’m pretty jealous that Edmunds was able to get ahold of an actual 2016 Tartan Prancer to test against a Honda Odyssey. The Prancer has so many qualities I love in cars: vanhood, mid-enginery, fictitiousness — I don’t see how the Honda mobile yawn-distillery can compare. But that’s just what Edmunds does.… »7/23/15 10:10am7/23/15 10:10am

The Fake Car In The New National Lampoon's Vacation Movie Is Amazing

One of the highlights of the original wacky-elderly-realtive-and-pet-death-family-trip movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation, was the car specifically made for the film. That car was a biting and clever commentary on American cars of the early ‘80s. Now there’s a new Vacation movie coming, with a new car. There’s a lot… »7/07/15 4:00pm7/07/15 4:00pm

Anakin Skywalker Takes Cops On Crazy Landspeeder Chase

By ‘landspeeder’ I’m referring to the wheeled type of landspeeders we tend to write about on this site a lot. Sometimes they’re called “cars.” By ‘Anakin Skywalker’ I mean the actor who played the young, larval Darth Vader, Jake Lloyd, and by ‘copsI mean real, South Carolina Sherriff’s deputies. Okay, glad that’s… »6/21/15 12:39pm6/21/15 12:39pm

Car From 'League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen' At Auction, Still Stupid

Remember the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? If you’re a fan of the comics it was based on, my apologies for bringing it up. But I have to, because Nemo’s ‘Nautilus Car’ from the movie is going up for auction, and I’d like to dissuade anyone with £25,000 burning a hole in their jodhpurs from buying it.… »6/18/15 4:10pm6/18/15 4:10pm

The James Bond Corkscrew Jump Was The First Computer-Modeled Stunt

I’m a little surprised that we haven’t covered this in detail before, because it’s so crammed full of Jalop-bait: jumping and flipping cars, AMCs, James Bond, frustrated backwoods law enforcement, and lots of secret math and early computers. The jump is the famous corkscrew from The Man with the Golden Gun. »6/16/15 12:00pm6/16/15 12:00pm