VPG MV-1 Handicapable Standard Taxi Spied

The Vehicle Production Group MV-1 isn't a pretty vehicle, but it's designed with function in mind. That function? It's a purpose-built, wheelchair-accessible vehicle. This "mule" was spotted around Detroit and never has a slang term been more aesthetically accurate. » 11/06/09 12:00pm 11/06/09 12:00pm

Hummer H2 Assembly Line To Produce Just-As-Boxy Standard Taxis

The Standard Taxi by VPG Auto has been working the publicity circuit for a while now, but it appears AM General may step up to actually produce it. With the likely death of the Hummer H2, AM General will have excess capacity at its Mishawaka, Indiana plant. Assuming VPG can secure financing, they'll be able to start… » 7/14/08 10:20am 7/14/08 10:20am

Fast as a Shark: No Sleep 'til Lynbrook

It's 10:46pm California time as I sit down to write this. But I'm not in San Pedro. I'm somewhere near Saint Marks Place in New York City, and the only sounds in the room are the tapping of two Apple keyboards and the rattling dull whine of air filters sucking the cigarette smoke out of the air of a spacious loft… » 4/06/07 7:00pm 4/06/07 7:00pm