Roswell 'UFO' Was Nothing More than Stalin's Nazi Space Ship Full of…

As one of America's foremost news sources for crazy internet people, we feel it is important to keep you informed on the very latest news regarding the real story behind mysterious government alien autopsy site "Area 51," the Nevada military base where they keep that UFO that crashed in Roswell in 1947. And now, the most … » 5/23/11 5:46pm 5/23/11 5:46pm

All Hail The Glorious Revolutionary Stalinmobile!

At first glance we were thinking "All right, Stalin murals on a Volga- that's mildly entertaining, in a sort of twisted let's-pretend-the-gulag-never-happened way." But then we spotted the red star wheels on the thing! Da! English Russia, you're the Czar in our book. » 4/27/07 4:30pm 4/27/07 4:30pm