Shelby SuperCars Makes Ultimate Aero EV Official, Plans 1000 HP Version

News of Shelby SuperCars' intention to build an electric version of its record breaking SSC Ultimate Aero TT leaked out yesterday prompting the company to make the news official. The company expects the SSC Ultimate Aero EV to be ready by late next year, saying that it will initially feature a 500 HP electric motor… »7/18/08 1:14pm7/18/08 1:14pm

Shelby SuperCars Wants Ultimate Aero EV To Be World's Fastest Electric Supercar

After making the fastest production car in the world, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, Shelby SuperCars is now planning to make the world's fastest electric car. The Ultimate Aero EV will be based on the company's current Aero, but with the 1183 HP V8 replaced by an electric powertrain. The electric driveline would consist… »7/17/08 10:40am7/17/08 10:40am

Guinness Verifies Shelby SuperCars' Production Speed Record

Sorry Bugatti. The dark-beer company that's been tracking the best, fastest and biggest — ever since the company's managing director, Sir Hugh Beaver first argued over which was the fastest game bird in Europe — Guinness World Records has verified the SSC Ultimate Aero as the "Fastest Production Car." As we reported… »10/08/07 2:45pm10/08/07 2:45pm

Tokyo Auto Show Preview: The Suzuki PIXY + SSC Is A Concept Car For Cloners

While it might look something straight off of the planet Kamino, it's actually the PIXY + SSC concept car set to be revealed by Suzuki this month at the Tokyo Auto Show. It's a mixture of personal pods, PIXY (one person riding), and pod-carrying mother ship, SSC (Suzuki sharing coach). The PIXY personal pods were… »10/01/07 8:45am10/01/07 8:45am