Holden Commodore SS-V With Manufacturer Plates Spotted In Birmingham!

Our friends at How Bourgeois have the scoop for us of what would appear to be a Holden Commodore SS-V with manny plates sitting kiddie corner to the rear-end of the swank Townsend Hotel. That seems to beg the question — what's this bit of Aussie metal with super hoonage potential doing in the middle of downtown… »4/02/07 1:45pm4/02/07 1:45pm

Lutz on the Holden VE Commodore SS-V: It's Magical!

"Maximum" Bob Lutz appears bullish on Holden's new VE Commodore SS-V, calling it "a magic vehicle" after driving it just once, according to Australia's That bodes well for the car becoming integrated into GM's North American line — possibly as a replacement for the Pontiac Grand Prix — something Holden… »8/08/06 10:00am8/08/06 10:00am

Herefore Art Thou: First Drive of the Holden Commodore VE SS-V

What does a billion bucks buy you? If you're GM's Aussie Holden division, it's a kiss on the cheek from the 6.0-liter V8 gods and a rear-drive platform that will affect many more of the General's products. Not enough? It'll also buy into production the Commodore VE SS-V, one of those distinctly Australian muscle cars… »8/02/06 8:49am8/02/06 8:49am