Project Car Hell, Screamin' Corolla Edition: AE86 or FX16?

There was some grumbling over the choices in our last Choose Your Eternity challenge »8/26/08 5:20pm8/26/08 5:20pm (which was won by the '77 Levis Edition AMC Hornet AMX by a healthy margin), ostensibly because they were too easy… but we know the reason: being reminded of the Malaise Era brings up the uncomfortable parallels between the hard…

It's 1981: Torn Between a Sports Car and a Truck?

We all know Toyota trucks last forever and make excellent vehicles for warlords and strongmen. But back in the Late Malaise Era, Toyota had an idea that buyers might consider the SR5 longbed as a sports car. After all, it has two seats, right? Check out the aviator-shades-wearing, aggressive-shifting Disco Rancher at… »12/07/07 2:30pm12/07/07 2:30pm