6.4-Liter Hemi-Powered SR 392 Roadster SEMA Special To Hit Auction Block At Monterrey

The SR 392 roadster, built by Quality Metalcraft's Michael Chetcuti and Chrysler's Mark Allen and Ralph Gilles, will be auctioned off in August at the the Russo & Steele car auction during the Monterey Historics. In case you've forgotten, the SR 392 concept made its debut in the Chrysler display at last year's SEMA… »7/31/08 1:00pm7/31/08 1:00pm


SEMA 2007: The Hemi-Powered SR-392 Roadster Gets Revealed A Wee Bit Early

Just like last year we managed to find ourselves a way to sneak on to the show floor to snag some first-look shots of some of the sights, sounds and supremely over-powered wonderfulness on the SEMA showroom floor here in Vegas. First sight of the day was a vehicle we told you about just a few hours ago, the 392 Hemi… »10/29/07 6:41pm10/29/07 6:41pm

SEMA 2007: Chrysler Hemi-fied SR 392 Roadster Custom Concept

In addition to the custom models of some of the current vehicular lineup from "The New Chrysler" there also looks to be a couple of not-so-current custom concepts we'll be seeing from the pentastar brand. Like this here SR 392 Roadster from the Mopar Underground SEMA design team at the Chrysler Tech Center in Auburn… »10/29/07 10:00am10/29/07 10:00am